Commercial Moving

New York Commercial Moving:
TLC Moving and Storage, Inc.

Commercial moving is different than residential moving. Why? Because it can be more complicated, requiring timed detailed coordination on many issues in order to achieve a successful conclusion. This end, finale, must take into consideration minimal business interruption, which is one of the most important aspects each and every business longs to bring about when relocating their operation.

Our Commercial Division understands this, especially with our many years of experience. That’s why we apply PRE-PLANNING coupled with PROJECT MANAGEMENT and LOGISTICAL COORDINATION on all of our commercial relocations.

To accomplish this end, our team of professionals becomes part of your group, acting as an extension of your company and not as a separate entity; which causes friction, miscommunication, therefore creating unnecessary problems. These preventable annoyances take positive energy from the task at hand in order to resolve, which can have serious consequences on the overall project. In order to circumvent these happenings your needs and concerns are noted during the stages of PRE-PLANNING and PROJECT MANAGEMENT … so by time the physical move takes place, all have been briefed; especially our foremen who are in charge of labor to physically handle the transfer.

Timing is another important factor.

Since the physical move is last in the coordination effort, other endeavors of equal importance that comprise the entire picture now come into play: such as new office construction, communication installation and the like, all of which must converge within its own time frame not to delay or halt the entire process.

This is why we stress the importance of PRE-PLANNING and team play between your management personal and ours whose effort is all towards

a single goal.

without this simultaneous success of these sundry attempts, “pieces of the puzzle coming together”, the project becomes more difficult with additional cost becoming obvious.

With our extensive experience in dealing with these matters many times over, we can help in ways our customers never envisioned.

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