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Moving from one state to another qualifies as a long distance move and obviously, it is much more complex than making a local move. Connecticut moving companies to NYC can be contacted for assistance because, quite frankly, you can’t make a long distance move on your own and you need professional assistance. While many people perform local moving by simply hiring a moving truck, packing and moving on their own, it is difficult to make it work when you move from one state to another. The federal laws differ from state to state and it is essential to ensure that Connecticut moving companies to NYC adhere to the transportation rules.

TLC Moving and Storage Inc will take the hassle out of moving from one state to another because we offer the best professional moving services. Most of the Connecticut moving companies to NYC may give you false promises, but we ensure that our quotes and estimates are just right for you. Communication is the key to successful moving and we are completely aware of that. When you are using Connecticut moving companies you can’t help much with the move, but we keep our communication lines open to you always so that you can tell us all your requirements.

To make interstate moves much more customized, we will inspect your home and give you a non-binding and binding estimate of the moving costs. Once you leave the task of professional packing to us, we will deal with making the move as easy as possible for you. Connecticut moving companies to NYC like us don’t just help you with relocation, but we provide a complete set of services for you. Our packing services ensure that your precious belongings are wrapped up just fine. On moving day, we will load packed goods into our trucks and take those goods to your new home.


Connecticut moving companies to NYC can provide better services if they know the rules of the states. We are aware of the transportation policies of both states and we can guarantee best services for you. We will take care of moving goods out of Connecticut into New York and we will take care of Free Estimateinsurance required by law. You are always welcome to buy additional insurance to protect your goods and their value, but we provide the basicinsurance and coverage required by law. Our long distance moving service will help you to relax and enjoy the whole moving process while we do the hard work.

When you hire Connecticut moving companies to New York, it is important for you to ensure that the Connecticut movers are licensed. We are licensed, insured and trusted moving service providers helping thousands of people to move to wherever they want. You can hire any moving service you want from TLC moving and storage inc and if you are not able to find a new home in new York soon after moving, we can keep your goods in our storage locations until you finally find a place in new York to move in.

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TLC Moving & Storage, Inc. maintains $5 Million worth of General Liability and Workman’s Compensation. The amount of insurance coverage is an important factor when choosing a moving company, when every building in New York City requires a Certificate of Insurance for any work performed on the premises.

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