Manhattan Moving

You found the only moving and storage company in New York whose main ingredient for a successful move is CARING!

There are many moving and storage companies in New York to choose from when you’re planning a move…YOUR MOVE …which is the only move of any importance.

But the question is … which moving company to choose?

So let us help you.

When you’re a professional Moving and Storage company like we are, knowledge of the industry, experienced manpower and the like is a “given”, something that is automatically expected as it would with any skilled company one would choose?

But even-though being a professional has its importance, the company chosen must CARE in the service they are about to perform, making it a “WORLD OF DIFFERENCE” from the norm being offered. Why? Because when you care about something, there is much more one will do to be sure the task at hand is perfect … without flaws … and that is our ultimate goal.

TLC Working In Blizzard ConditionsWe here at TLC Moving & Storage, Inc. understand the power of caring and what it can do if coupled with the professional qualities of the services we offer.

This CARING you will find in all the services we provide, whether it is a Household Move, a Commercial Relocation, a Global Transition, Storage, or the handling of Fine Art: all of which you will read in detail as you continue with our website.

So why should you choose us … well I guess it’s obvious at this point.

Please think carefully of your choice of a moving company. Call us. Speak to one of our relocation consultants. Allow us to give you an estimate either over the phone, or to send to your home one of our on-site consultants.

Do not pass us up in your search for a moving company. Include us as part of your quest.

The difference is truly simple.